It's Time to Start Your Music Production Adventures

Composition – Production

music, microphone, sound-863565.jpgWe compose and produce pop songs for singers and artists. Developing a style is interactive from  the beginning of the musical idea and style to the final product. We can place your song into all major streaming services and create a music video.

Functional Music

We compose functional music for advertisments, radio spots, events, shows and trade fairs. We can provide different styles and genres as well as creating specific sounds and moods. We deliver a professional  master file synchronized to the desired media

Movie scores & Orchestral

Epic sounds, majestic musical landscapes and sound textures can be produced in Mad Scientist Production Studios as well as emotional and fragile scores. Our specialty:  Orchestral arrangements combined with synthesizer sounds.

Sound Design

Our set of hardware synthesizers, software sound modules, effects and sound libraries enables us to create new sounds or modify existing sounds. .

Video Production

We can record video and artists performances using green screen background replacement to create multiple location shots without leaving the studio.


We can edit existing music tracks to fit live shows and presentations. We have a long experience with ballett groups and classical transition requirements.