We produce music

Michael Hädrich has a long  experience in music. He toured over a year in a US band as lead guitarist in clubs on the east coast. He participated in the Hans Zimmer Master class. In Germany he played in bands, composed music for theater and musicals. He started Mad Scientist Productions in Munich to create music and music videos independently.


Studio Specs

  • Cubase Pro
  • Wavelab Pro
  • 48 Channel inline mixing desk
  • Neumann & Audio Technica microphones
  • RME &Steinberg audio intefaces
  • Vegas Pro video editing software
  • Kemper guitar amp & Marshal box
  • Hi end audio and video PCs
  • Separate vocals recording room 


  • Gibson Les Paul deluxe
  • Squire Stratocaster
  • Ibanez Guitar
  • Accoustic guitars
  • Roland, Yamaha, Ensonic synthesizers & expanders
  •  Seaboard keyboard & blocks
  • Percussion instruments